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Artisan Cheese, Wood Fired Pizza & Dining

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Buy Cheese Online at Foster Cheese Haus - the Chippewa Valley’s Cheese Store selling fresh milk products including the world's best cheddar cheese & cheese curds made by Wisconsin’s Local Dairies. More than 500 varieties of Wisconsin Cheese & milk products are produced in Wisconsin. Store Hours & Contact Information

Welcome to Foster Cheese Haus

Foster Cheese Haus
Wood Fired Pizza

Welcome to Foster Cheese Haus

Visit the Foster Cheese Haus and taste Chippewa Valley’s best wood fired pizza made from fresh cheese from local dairies and herbs grown on site in season. All products sold are Wisconsin’s own. Come and eat in our restaurant or order the Wood Fired Pizzas to go.

Visit our store and stroll through our fresh herb gardens. Tomatoes used on the pizza come from local gardens. Everything is made from scratch - fresh bread, homemade crackers and much more. Visit our beer cave or our fine selection of Wisconsin wines.

Call today to find out the dinner entertainment schedule.

Foster Gardens

The Foster Cheese Haus, home of the finest artisan Wisconsin Cheese is conveniently located just off Interstate 94, Exit 81, between Eau Claire & Osseo. We are 12 miles south of Eau Claire and 4 miles north of Osseo. Call ahead to make a reservation for wood fired pizza (715) 597-6605.
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Wisconsin Cheese

Buy Cheese Online - A large variety of cheese products, sausage, organic ice cream, wine and beer. Many specialty cheeses - chocolate cheese, cheese aged 10 to 12 years, bandaged cheddars, cheese curds, and more.

Foster Cheese Haus Store We sell cheese made from cow’s milk, sheep's milk, and goat's milk. Proteins, fats and sugars found in milk are partially broken down by the bacteria and enzymes during cheesemaking. As a result, cheese is easier to digest than milk.

Cheese is healthy. It takes 6 to 12 units of milk to make 1 unit of cheese. Cheesemaking is mostly the process of removing the water and condensing the milk solids. Wisconsin Cheese is a concentrated source of key nutrients found in milk: calcium protein, and vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, D, E and K. A 3 1/2 oz piece of aged cheddar cheese is nutritionally equivalent to two chicken eggs but contains twice as much protein and 1/4 the cholesterol.

Foster Cheese Haus StoreCheddar cheese is also considered a "happy" food. Cheese contains high concentrations of tyrosine, a chemical building block for several of the brain's "feel good" neurotransmitters.

Where does the cheese flavor come from? 20% to 30% of cheese aromatics come from what the animal eats and 70% to 80% comes from the cheesemaking and ripening parameters.

Ordering cheese online - orders will be shipped on Monday and Tuesday when our cheese curds are the freshest. Orders shipped with ice packs to ensure safe delivery.

Create your own gift box. Buy Cheese Online and select authentic cheese products to add to your box. Cheese curds, organic cheddar cheese and more.
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Foster Cheese Haus

E10934 Cty Hwy HH
Osseo, WI 54758
PH: 715-597-6605