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The weight of cheese varies in each package. Weight and prices posted online are averages. We certify that the total value of the product you receive will be at least as great as your total purchase price.

Hooks Bleu Paradise

Double-cream blue. High in fat and tangy. Try with cabernet sauvignon or dark beer. (8 oz)

Price $8.99 | Qty (5)

Hooks Lil Boy Blue

Creamy sheep cheese, milk blue, salty overtones and a strong nutty note. Pairs with Cabernet Sauvignon and porters(8 oz)

Price $12.50 | Qty (1)

Hooks Tilston Point

A cheddar and bleu cheese combination. Crumbly Bleu cheese. Pairs with medium wine and beer. (8 oz)

Price $8.99 | Qty (2)

Hooks Gorgonzola Cheese

An Italian Style Bleu cheese made from unskimmed cows milk (8 oz)

Price $10.19 | Qty (1)

Castle Rock Smokey Blue Cheese

Creamy bleu, hickory smoked. Cave aged over 120 days. Very strong. Pairs with Cabernet Sauvignon, porter or stout. Organic certified (6oz)

Price $9.29 | Qty (2)

Castle Rock Artisan Blue Cheese

Artisan Hand crafted creamy bleu cheese. Cave aged over 120 days. Great on crackers. Pairs well with Chardonnay or light beer. Organic certified (6 oz)

Price $8.99 | Qty (2)

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