Foster Cheese Haus Store

Bakery Items

Fresh Baked goods.

Bleu Cheese

Many award winning bleu cheeses


Hand made delicious chocolates.

Curds And Strings

Many types of cheese curds and cheese strings to choose from

Gift Boxes

The perfect Wisconsin Gift.

Gift Certificates

A gift certificate to be used in our restaurant or to purchase products

Gouda Cheese

A variety of Gouda cheeses.

Medium and Sharp

Many types of medium and sharp cheese to choose from

Mild and Soft

Excellent selection of mild and soft cheese

Organic Cheese

Certified Organic Cheese.

Parmesan Cheese

Great for topping and salads.

Sheep and Goat Cheese

For those who want a unique Wisconsin product

Smoked Cheese

A variety of smoked cheese from a mild to strong flavor.

Specialty Cheese

Unique cheese that do not fit in any other category.

Sausage and Meat Sticks

Beef pork elk and venison meat sausages and sticks.

Other Wisconsin Products

Excellent items to give as a gift.

Foster Cheese Haus

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