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The weight of cheese varies in each package. Weight and prices posted online are averages. We certify that the total value of the product you receive will be at least as great as your total purchase price.

Carr Valley Wildflower Cheddar

Made from cow's milk when grazing in the summer season. (8 oz)

Price $9.49 | Qty (1)

Horseradish Cheese

Jims Horseradish Cheddar Cheese (1 lb)

Price $6.69 | Qty (1)

Medium Cheddar Cheese

Verns Medium Cheddar. Aged 3-6 months. Creamier texture and full flavor. Great for snacking, party platters and cooking (1 lb)

Price $8.39 | Qty (1)

Monterey Jack with Dill

Jims Dairy soft Monterey Jack cheese with dill (7.5 oz)

Price $5.99 | Qty (1)

Green Olive Cheddar

Green olive white cheddar cheese (7.5 oz)

Price $6.29 | Qty (1)

Sharp Cheddar Cheese

Verns Sharp Cheddar (1 lb)

Price $8.99 | Qty (1)

Red Wine White Cheddar Cheese

Lake Forest Red Wine White Cheddar - Semi firm cheddar mixed with a hint of red wine (7.5 oz)

Price $7.29 | Qty (1)

Sharp Cheddar Ball

Delicious sharp cheddar cheese ball (10 oz)

Price $7.99 | Qty (1)

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