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The weight of cheese varies in each package. Weight and prices posted online are averages. We certify that the total value of the product you receive will be at least as great as your total purchase price.

Carr Valley Marisa Sheep Cheese

Made of Sheep's milk.(8 oz)

Price $10.70 | Qty (1)

Carr Valley Airco Cheese

Cow, sheep & goat milk. Naturally smoked over Hickory wood. Semi-soft with balance of smoke and sweetness. Excellent for grilled sandwiches.. (8 oz)

Price $12.19 | Qty (1)

Carr Valley Mobay

A layer of sheep and a layer of goat cheese. Separated by grapevine ash. Mellow, rich flavors, for folks that think they don't like sheep and goat milk cheese. (8 oz)

Price $11.90 | Qty (1)

Cave Aged Cardona

100% pasteurized goat milk. Aged over 8 months. Slightly nutty with a complex goaty finish. Serve with a fruity, slightly sweet white wine (8 oz)

Price $12.69 | Qty (1)

Nordic Grumpy Goat

Bold, semi-hard, but still creamy,goat cheese, cellar-aged over 1 year for an audacious robust flavor (8 oz)

Price $10.99 | Qty (2)

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