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The weight of cheese varies in each package. Weight and prices posted online are averages. We certify that the total value of the product you receive will be at least as great as your total purchase price.

Cheddar Cheese Spread

Sharp Cheddar Cheese Spread(12 oz)

Price $5.99 | Qty (2)

Port Wine Cheese Spread

Port Wine Cheese Spread (12 oz)

Price $5.99 | Qty (2)

Smokey Bacon Cheese Spread

Cheddar cheese spread with a delicious, hickory smoke bacon flavor (12 oz)

Price $5.99 | Qty (1)

Herb Garlic Cheese Spread

Blend of garlic and herbs in a soft cheese spread(12 oz)

Price $5.99 | Qty (2)

Almond Cheese Spread

Swiss Almond Cheese Spread. (12 oz)

Price $5.99 | Qty (1)

Chocolate Cheese Fudge

Extraordinary cheese. Tastes just like fudge, creamier and not as sweet(8 oz)

Price $10.99 | Qty (2)

Grand Cru Gruyere

Rose Kase Grand Cue Gruyere. This young gruyere has a similar taste to Swiss. With its age comes and ease of slicing making a great sandwich cheese (8 oz)

Price $11.29 | Qty (5)

Uplands Pleasant Ridge Reserve

Only made with milk from cows when they are grazing in the summer months. Pairs with light white wine like Riesling or Young Sauvignon, or pale ale (8oz)

Price $13.99 | Qty (2)

Saxon Creamery Saxony

Sophisticated, supple and versatile. Nutty flavor and a supple-body (8 oz)

Price $9.99 | Qty (2)

Sartori Fontina

Sweet and smooth with a creamy, peppery finish. Delightful by itself and wonderful when melted (5 oz)

Price $6.59 | Qty (2)

Sartori Asiago

A blend of aged cheddar and parmesan (5 oz)

Price $6.59 | Qty (2)

Juusto Baked Cheese

Buttery flavored, flat and squeaky cheese, cut in strips & serve for breakfast or desert with jam, honey or syrup (7 oz)

Price $7.69 | Qty (2)

Juusto Italiano

Serve warm, heat until glistens, serve it dipped in marina or alfredo sauce (7 oz)

Price $7.69 | Qty (2)

Juusto with Chipotle Peppers

Buttery flavored, flat and squeaky cheese. cut into strips, serve as appetizer with salsa or savory dip (7 oz)

Price $7.69 | Qty (2)

Juusto with Jalapeno Peppers

Cut it into strips, serve as appetizer with salsa or savory dip (7 oz)

Price $7.69 | Qty (2)

Country Castle Limburger

A semi-soft cheese with origins from Belgium. Pungent smelling, surface-ripened cheese. Pairs will with hearty rye breads and a slice of onion (8 oz)

Price $7.99 | Qty (5)

Bleu Mont Dairy Bandaged Cheddar

>Aged in a straw bale cave on red cedar boards. The result is a cheddar unlike any other. Has nutty & buttery tones with a clean finish. (8 oz)

Price $13.99 | Qty (1)

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